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I was born in Buenos Aires in 1978. Upon reaching my majority I left for Europe where I had my first contacts with analog photography. At the age of 22 I began to lead a nomadic life that lasted about ten years, equipped with a small backpack, an English dictionary, my Nikon FM2 and Roland Barthes' book "The Camera lucid" I started long trips by land Which led me to unite countries, histories and continents around the world (see interactive map of my trips in this link TravelersPoint). I did not take a fixed route, my routes were planned as I traveled, so I did not know where I was going or when I would go somewhere, this way I joined a great part of the world from Beijing to Goa, from Istanbul to Kathmandu, from Marrakech to City The Cape, Cairo, Tehran, Budapest, Peshawar, etc. This was how my first great photographic project "Foreign Countries" (2001-2011) took shape. When working with analogue manual cameras everything became slower and reflective, this helped me to be more aware and careful when taking pictures.

As Paul Theroux said "Leave your house. Go alone. Travel light. Carry a map. Travel by land. Cross the borders. Write a diary. Read a novel with no relation to where you are. Avoid using the mobile. Make yourself a friend "

In 2011, I returned to settle in Buenos Aires where I began my process of personal reorganization. Since that year I am Coordinator of Projects of Virtual Photo 360 (photographic agency specializing in architectural photography) and since 2013 I work as a teacher at Foto Club Buenos Aires.

I like to take mate, true friends, travel, chai tea, photography, mountains, silence, anecdotes, moon, blue color, sharing long dinners, wet earth smell, laugh, philosophy, Dogs, water, maps, music of trees, sea, exotic fruits, hugs, walnuts, walking and people with a good heart.

bio juan cañete
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